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My range goes from a solid C2 with chest voice ending at around E4, my head voice up to a B5, and a few falsetto notes that arent always available, what voice type am I? Ive always considered myself a Baritone, but some of my friends say that im leaned more towards bass, and i have also been practicing to obtain mix voice, that only extends to an A4, which ive heard that is as high as baritones can sing up to, is this true?

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  • RJ
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    6 years ago
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    Your voice type might be that of a bass-baritone, given that you are able to sing as low as C2. However, what generally determines your voice type is your comfortable singing range. As such,

    You are a baritone if you are able to sing comfortably in the range from A3 to A4

    You are a bass if you are able to sing comfortably in the range from F3 to F4.

    There are baritones who can sing up to C5 in chest voice (like me), but these baritones are unable to consistently sing C5 at any time. As such, they are baritones and not tenors.

    Source(s): Master's degree in voice
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