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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferencePrimary & Secondary Education · 6 years ago

I just cannot get through High School?

Okay so I was bullied a lot for about 5 years from elementary through middle school, and I probably was lucky to get c's in middle school. When I finally got to 9th grade I went to the orientation and saw everyone that had bullied me, and I just knew it was not the school for me. My mom and dad freaked out and took me to lunch that day and I broke out sobbing in the restaurant, and my attitude back then was "I hate everyone, everyone is killing me, I'm ugly, I wish I would die, I hate this town" all that angsty teenage bull. Anyways, fast forward a little bit, my parents let me do online school.I'm in my second year doing it. Generally, It's fine, I don't have to see people my age, or talk with teachers very often, and I get to stay home. Sounds great, except for the fact that I seem to find a way to fall behind without fail and ever since I started online school I've pretty much ALWAYS been behind. It's gotten so bad that I'm pretty sure I'll fail this semester, and if that happens I'll probably have to go back to public school. So, it's pretty much like being in one of those traps where both walls have spikes and they're coming closer together by the second. The only solution is to either drop out, or slave away under orders of "the man" until I'm 18, and obviously dropping out sounds way easier. Any advice? Thanks.


Oh, I should probably add, my parents freak the hell out whenever I mention even an inkling of wanting to drop out, so advice on how to talk to them is appreciated as well.

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  • Geomi
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    6 years ago
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    One of the solutions to your issues, feelings, and the positiveness toward your online schooling,and the drop in your grades is for your parents to hire a tutor to help you with a real-life tutor who can help you both emotionally and academically as you work completing your online high school education. There are retired high school teachers in your area who might be willing to have a job of teaching and learning about just one student. For someone like that you may ask the director of the private school. It may be that the private high that you attended would have a solution for you if wanted to return to it. Also, to the public high school to find a retired teacher that would be a part-time tutor for you.

    If you are 16 years old right now, and your parents agree, you may be eligible to take the GED now. There may be GED centers independent of high schools in your state. you would have to call the Department of Education in your state, and ask about that for yourself.

    One other suggestion is to go back to your school district, but have your parents initiate a transfer to another high school in the same school district. It may help you avoid the perpetrators of your bullies. Good luck. I was a college professor of education.

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