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Do most Leftists deny their alliance with radical Islam in seeking to bring down the USA?

George Galloway -- a British Member of Parliament and an inveterate America-hater -- gave voice to the mindset underlying the socialist left's alliance with radical Islam. Galloway was asked: "You often call for uniting Muslim and progressive forces globally. How far is it possible under current situation?" He replied:

"Not only do I think it's possible but I think it is vitally necessary and I think it is happening already

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    Yes, leftists are in the long established habit of denying that they are seeking to bring down the USA in a multitude of different ways.

    Aligning themselves with radical Islam is just one of the many ways they seek to destroy the USA and everything it has ever stood for.

    The riots and looting in Ferguson were incited by the most powerful levels of the left wing in the USA.

    The rioters are just the pawns and the useful idiots for the American wing of the communist party, a.k.a. the Democratic Party. The riots, the looting, the destruction of property, and then the attempts to shut down malls during Black Friday sales, are all part of the plan to interfere with capitalist economic activity and to interfere with the capitalist free market as much as possible.

    Their purpose is to damage capitalism at every opportunity and weaken it, so that in their minds they can make socialism appear to be a more attractive option in comparison.

    Socialism sells much more easily when people are in desperation and chaos after the failure of alternative economic arrangements. In history, the best shot socialism ever had was the period of chaos and near anarchy in Germany and Russia after the end of World War One around 1920.

    Today's liberals yearn to re-create those days of chaos and national upheaval, so they can get another chance to impose socialism on the world and go back to mass murdering millions of their own citizens like they did back in their glory days of the 1930's and 1940's.

    Krystallnacht was a part of achieving this socialist utopia in Germany. The Ferguson riots are the Krystallnacht of modern liberalism, with the targets of the mayhem changed from the Jews to the capitalist business owners of today. Other than that switch, the outcome is the same.

    In 1949, Mao successfully re-created the Bolshevik revolution of Europe and Russia in the chaos of the aftermath of the Japanese invasion and occupation of China of the 1930's and 1940's. He showed that socialism and communism can be successfully installed anytime the chaos level of society rises to that level. Modern liberals salivate at the dream of creating that kind of chaos here in the USA so they can duplicate what Mao did.

    Which, of course, included the obligatory mass murdering of millions of his own citizens, just like Stalin and Hitler did. We would be insane if we didn't believe that today's left wing craves having the chance to do the exact same thing Stalin, Hitler, and Mao did.

    And anyone who continues to support the left wing after this clear American Krystallnacht is equally insane.

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    If Mr Galloway or Mr Johnson ever come to Texas they will never return to London but it more then those many many Brit Boys look forward to the downfall of the US why Bradford right after the news of 9/11 hit Muslim pulled white Brits from their car and had them celebrate the Great Victory over the great Satan and many complied US military at Man with Hill were planning to head off into Bradford the one British commander got wind and the American CO ordered them not to go in

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    Who's George Galloway? You've got some strange affiliations.

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    ???? Uh, so I should completely ignore everything I know about myself, to believe what one guy says?

    YOU may be that completely brainless, I am not.

    Leftists aren't trying to bring down the US at all; we're trying to make things BETTER -- less hunger, a less toxic environment, full human rights for all.

    I get your lying to persuade other liars and morons, but do you really expect US to believe YOU, rather than everything we know? LOL

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  • Most liberals did not even know they support radical Islam. It certainly is news to me. If we wanted to destroy America, we would vote Republican.

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    Only a small percentage actually do but they are being misled by Obama and Holder.

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    Leftists are deaf, and blind to what's happening.

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