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unlimited 與 infinitive

unlimited 與 infinitive 是否完全可互換通用? 應用上會有分別嗎? 我問外國人: Is it infinitive ammo? 他回我: you mean unlimited? 我想不同二字有何區分

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    unlimited (adjective) = as much or as many as possible; not limited in any way 無限的, 無數的

    infinitive (noun) = the basic form of a verb (grammar) 不定詞, 不定式

    In English, this form of the verb together with the word ‘to’ in front of it is usually called a to-infinitive, and the verb form on its own is usually called a bare infinitive.

    這兩個字不同的解釋, 而且一個是 noun, 一個是 adjective

    unlimited 與 infinitive 是不可能互換通用

    ammo (informal) 是 ammunition = 軍火,彈藥

    “infinitive ammo” doesn’t make sense.

    Just a suggestion

    想是 infinite 這個字, 不是 infinitive

    infinite (adjective) = without limit, without end 無窮的,無限的

    我最近形容一個知識長 a man of infinite patience

    相信 infinite ammo 和 unlimited ammo 意思相同

    再 check “The Cambridge Thesaurus of American English” by W.D. Lutz

    infinite = unlimited

    再 check 網上, 有 phrase, "infinite ammo"

    Source(s): Oxford English Dictionary
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