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Can you survive a lung shot without medical attention?

Any type of penetrative shot, bullet, arrow, shrapnel, etc. What would it be like and how long for it to heal? Thanks.

PS: First aid, bandages, peroxide, etc. can be used.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Depends. Shots to the torso don't necessarily cause damage to the lungs or major vessels/heart. These can be treated with first aid. Penetration of the lung would most likely cause a collapse of that lung leading to shortness of breath/internal bleeding. This can be fatal even to those in the best of health. If there wasn't a lot of bleeding and the person could rest until the lung could reinflate/heal I suppose no hospital/formal medical care would be needed but someone would need to be there who knew what they were doing (medic/ER nurse like me). Not something to f#@k around with.

    Source(s): ER/Trauma nurse- military
    • Doug5 years agoReport

      Thanks, shows like the walking dead and similar intrique me as to what the human body is capable of surviving when there is no hospital at all.

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  • 5 years ago

    I suppose it's possible to survive this type of injury, however If you have sustained this type of injury you should be assessed for atelectasis (collapsed lung).

    If proper attention is never sought it may never heal. The victim could develop other complications and die.

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