College Transfer for the fun?

I'm currently a sophomore at a private top 50 four year university. I took a gap year and studied abroad for a year right after high school and came to the school i'm at. I was just wondering if there are any colleges who's application for transferring is free?

Also, let's say I apply to the school as a transfer student and I get in, is there a way to say "thanks for the transfer acceptance but no thanks" or do i definitely have to go to the school?

I'm kind of happy at the school I'm at, but maybe I could change. I'm just being curious.


1 Answer

  • taco
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    They charge the evaluation fee because people just want to window shop. With a good school and gpa, 97% of the university's would accept you. None of them will give you credit for all of your work. If you're at a top fifty, stay there. You would look foolish to go to a lessor school. If you want to hear it from a student in the registrars office, you're gonna have to shell out the 75 bucks.

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