What is a good scented oil to used on my body?

I would like to know what oils I could used for a moisturizer and conditioning my hair and skin. I have an allergic reaction to many colognes and perfumes but oils don't seem to bother me as long as they are natural. I especially would like something safe for my face and beard because don't want to break out or have my beard damaged in any way.

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    Don't use any products with added fragrance since that's too vague and are most likely inflammatory agents that cause damage. Sweet almond oil naturally smells pretty nice. A lightweight oil like grapeseed has a neutral smell but if you add vanilla extract(alcohol free, from the plant or vanillin) it can have that type of a scent.pure coconut oil or shea oil have a natural nutty scent but are thick so if you're prone to folliculitus or acne, it may clog pores more. Jojoba oil smells okay but it has a smaller molecular size and can penetrate into the pore lining easier and maybe exacerbate skin clogging. fyi mineral oil/vaseline/petrolatum is too big to penetrate while not suffocating skin. You can also try linden flower which smells pretty good and you can use it in tea form or try to make a glycerin tincture and add it to an oil. Sorry these are all girly scents mostly. I think soy oil kinda smells like guy. Most good emollients don't have much scent though.hope this helps

    Source(s): Check paula's choice out, they're very helpful and have very good skin care reviews. I would say you're skin type is sensitive and you may have a few skin problems, maybe acne or dermatitis or some other form of inflammation and unless you are truly tested allergic to grass(which is related to some irritants/inflammatory agents) or something, it's everyones skin natural reaction to being damaged.the inflammation and damage are similar though.Some people feel it more acutely than others. Sun exposure can also cause inflammation and damage and oxygen releases free radicals so antioxidants are a must.
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  • 6 years ago

    I love coconut oil. It smells amazing and is great to use.

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