Section 8 in Oregon/Vancouver?

Does anyone know from personal experience how long it takes to be approved for section 8 in Oregon and Washington areas?

Also are they things that move your ahead faster?

1. I heard working moves you ahead in line?

2. My daughter is disabled, does that make a difference?

3. Also are there any other programs/alternatives to section 8 or things you can get while waiting for section 8?

I'm only 17 right now but I'm trying to figure out living arrangements and such before I start college in September. I work full time and my daughter get's a disability check every month.

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  • Kini
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    6 years ago
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    Vancouver is a different state/county. Portland has several counties and a city Housing Authority. But you have to apply where you live only. The preference goes to people who are disabled and seniors but even with that advantage it takes several years to get a subsidy, if they are even giving out applications. You can check on the rural housing program and tax credit properties but they will probably have waiting lists. You cannot apply until you are 18 and a single college student has almost no chance of getting the voucher. Working is required unless you are disabled yourself. No, nothing makes you move up on the waitlist faster. You must get child support from the father or move in with a roommate. Why did you have a child so young?

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