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My parents have asked me to come up with a list of cell phone rules that I think are reasonable. What else should I put on the list?

For Christmas my parents gave me an iPhone, but before they are going to allow me to use it they want me to come up with rules for phone use. They said that they already came up with a list of their own rules and once they see my list we will all sit down together and decide what is fair. Right now all I have written is:

1. No phone past 8 o'clock at night

2. Always answer calls from mom and dad

What else can I put on the list? I'm 14, I'm a girl and this is my first cell phone.


I guess I could also put something on the list about being safe on the Internet, but I don't know if my parents are going to let me use the Internet from my new phone.

Update 2:

@ Elindriel Thank you so much! I'm going to add all of the rules you suggested to my list. I didn't even think of those things.

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    This is the most responsible things you can put on your list of rules, and make it number 1 and 2. You're parents will thank you for it.

    1, Do NOT give out personal information to strangers on the web, especially credit card, bank information, or social security numbers, and do not post these on social networking sites.

    2. Do not pay for apps on the phone, or download anything that requires a fee without specific permission from a parent. This includes ringtones, ringback tones, apps, Kindle or amazon products, netflix, hulu plus ect.

    and the third big one to have on this list. . . 3. DO NOT go over your plan limits for any reason! Especially data! And learn what those limits are.

    4. No taking the phone to school, or using it to cheat on tests.

    5. no texting during dinner, friends, social networks, and email can wait until after. This includes family social functions (Family reuntions, christmas day present opening, going to church if your family does that, ect.)

    And another big one that will show responsiblity

    DO NOT take naked photos of yourself or others and send them to current or future boyfriends, or post them anywhere online. This goes Double for videos!

    And another big phone rule::: that the phone is being paid for by the parents, and the parents have the right to confenscate it at anytime as punishment/grouding.

    RULE *Thep parents also have the right to inspect the contents of the phone, to include photos, apps, videos, texts, phone log history, and browsing history if they need to.

    *You're parents may or may not enforce this rule, but you should realize that the privledge of using this phone comes with this inherent condition. Technically, its their phone, NOT yours. You are just getting the priveldge of using it, and if you're parents feel the need, they will look through it from time to time. The only way to prevent this, is to start paying your portion of the bill, or switch the phone over to your own plan.

    Once you turn 18 though, they have no real reason to look through your phone, or to allow you to continue to be on their plan either.

    These should be no brainers, but I'll bet your parents have a list similar to it already. Write these out, and you'll turn into your parents golden child when it comes to a owning a phone. Also, make sure to follow these rules. You'd be shocked by the number of teens who get into huge trouble over these issues.

    You should also think of a consequence that would happen if you lose the phone or break it. Do you have to buy a new one, or is there an insurance plan in place? If not, ask if there can be one.

    And here are a few more rules, up for your consideration. . .

    Rule : Keep phone charged, and Always answer the parent's texts, facebook messages, ect.

    Rule: buy a protective case and screen protector, which the phone is to stay in at all times for protection. (I highly recommend an otter box. They are tough, and the best quality on the market. My phones stay in pristine condition, even with as much as they get dropped onto concrete, tile ect.

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    Get good grades in school, watch you are talking to, do not give out any personal information about your self, keep your parents informed about any apps you want to put on your phone because that will cost money, and just be honest with them about you using your phone, be responsible, too, take good care of the phone, do not let anybody else use it, and it would not hurt to help around the house also doing chores and keeping your room picked up. As a parent of a teenager myself, she also has a iPhone for Christmas, and all of the things I mentioned above are really working out for us. Congratulations and keep up the good work.♥♥♥

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    Don't you just love it when parents do **** like that.

    They give you something and make you feel guilty about using it.

    Tell them whatever rules they decide are OK with you

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    An obvious one is to NOT use the phone at school or when you should be doing homework.

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    Amy Lynn is correct.

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