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ATTENTION POKE EXPERTS MASTERS OR GODS. I require thy divine wisdom of IV training. a reward will be given in game if found helpful?

so im trying to breed a perfect team for online. and I dont understand how the IVs work. I know how to train and make evs better. I have pokerus, sweet scent. and use a power band so I get20 evs per battle. but I dont get the breeding thing. I have destiny knot. ever stone ditto and what ever pokemon Im training. and am well aware of the guy in the poke center that tells you iv stats.

he tell me mine are average all around. and I keep breeding ditto and X pokemon and I get the same thing even using destiny knot and every video I've seen doesnt break it down to where begining iv trainers can catch on.they talk about it as if it's super easy and everyone had been doing it. and I feel they skip over major topics. so please can I get a step by step guide. really break it down like if you were trying to tell an 8 year old(im 18 haha)I dint understand how to max out stats to pass it down and if you're advice clicks with me and I understand. I give you a pokemon with pokerus

MLG KiWi 3282-4681-8790

name in omega ruby "KiWi

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    6 years ago
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    IV Training or Individual Value Training can do wonders for your Pokemon,

    Effort Points are added whenever your Pokemon faints another Pokemon in Battle;

    Four Effort Points count as One IV Point.

    Basically in Pokemon Heart Gold, Sentret boosts Attack IV.

    So facing 4 Sentrets would boost The Attack IV by one point.

    The Pokemon Nature also effects Favored IV, causing one IV to grow quicker; well halving another value. For example Quiet Nature boosts Special Attack but halves Speed. There are Natures that don't Boost nor Halve anything.

    Basically you need to figure out which Individual Value (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed) will help make the certain pokemon stronger in the end, which Nature effects that IV and find out which Pokemon gives which EP to that certain IV.

    Pokemon can only earn up to 255 EP for IVs.

    Source(s): I'm a video game critic, it's kinda; my job.
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