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What kind of lawyer do I need?

We just purchased a home in September, the home was inspected per normal protocol. There is a old shed in the back of the property, the inspector told the realtor that the only thing that needed to be fixed would be that the back shed needed some paint. (it was old paint and peeling)

That was taken care of. Obviously things went "good" or the loan wouldn't have went through if the home didn't pass.

Apparently not. We got a letter stating that our insurance company was dropping us in November due to the fact that the shed in the back had bad wiring! So I just found another insurance company, the inspector just came about a week ago, today I just got the mail and now this SECOND insurance company is saying they are dropping us due to issues outside the home!

HOW did this house even pass inspection in the first place!? (This was FHA by the way) I feel like maybe had someone in their "pocket" to get this home sold.

Since moving in, there has been electrical issues with our bedroom. (I'll spare you these fun details) There are NO GFI plugs in the kitchen or bathroom. Doesn't that alone typically fail inspections? No vents in the bathroom, we also found out that the house's old steam heat copper pipes busted causing mold to form between the floor joints and the ceiling tiles in the basement.

I don't know what to do!


I don't know if this matters or not, but I will add that I have two children living here as well and I am disabled.

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  • Bryan
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    5 years ago
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    Most general practice lawyers know enough about real estate to be helpful. When I first bought a house, I was angry about a few things as well. After speaking to an attorney I found out how much a lawyer would cost and how there was no guarantee of winning. So I wisely decided to chalk it up to experience and used the money I would have had to spend on a lawyer to fixing up my house.

    I know that is not the advice you want to hear, but perhaps it will be helpful to you anyway. Good luck.

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