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OPT extension期間轉綠卡

背景: 美國理工科碩士畢業 目前以opt extension (2016年5月底到期) 在美國公司擔任研究員工作,公司同意幫忙以PERM申請綠卡。請問:

1) 公司老闆同意申請EB2 PERM但是 我不太了解狀況公司HR也不太了解狀況,只知道EB2好像比較EB3好,我又符合EB2. 目前進度是剛在求材網站上登廣告了。想請問EB2和EB3是在哪個階段才要提出? 是在發完廣告後向勞工部申請勞工證時提? 還是勞工證下來後再看以EB2或EB3提交申請身份轉換(I140, I485) ?


3) 我目前還能合法在美國工作17個月(到2016年5月底),請問假設很不幸OPT到期時連勞工證都還再審核我是不是就得在60天內回台灣? 如果回台灣的話綠卡申請還能繼續我還是可以以後再以綠卡身分回到美國嗎?

如果到時是勞工證拿到了但還沒轉換身分(I140, I485) 是否可以工作? 就算不能工作是否能合法留美國?

4) 17個月真的夠把綠卡申請下來嗎? 因為想快點接太太一起到美國(她不願意來時不能工作)


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    1. The selection is made when your employer files I-140.

    Your PERM will only certify the position only.

    2. 6-7 months.

    3. Yes. Then it will depends on how far you have reached.

    Based on current progress, once the PERM is certified, you can file I-140 and I-485 altogether. At that point, your status will be switched from F-1 OPT to I-485 pending. You will be allowed to stay in the U.S. until a decision is made. Even your EAD expires, you can request another EAD based on I-485 pending status (not F-1 OPT).

    (Please note that - if you want to depart the U.S., you will need to apply for advance parole.)

    However, if, by the time your current EAD expires, your PERM has not been certified (which is unlikely to happen), you will have to leave the U.S. In this case, many employers will not continue the sponsorship as you are no longer an employee.

    4. Difficult but possible. Please note - I-485 takes about 1 year.

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