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Describe a person in the class.




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    例1“Silent” would be a good adjective to describe her when I saw her the very first time. She seemed to be quite shy and didn’t know to how get along with her classmates. Different from other classmates, she always chooses to sit in the far left seat in the front row, reading her book quietly while other classmates are chatting or laughing. I don’t think, however, she has felt isolated or alone. Instead, she seems to be quite enjoying her hassle-free moment before the teacher comes in. 例2He is a good looking boy, compared to the whole class, with a pair of brilliant and beautiful eyes and a high nose. As a result, a lot of girls always find all means to get near him, for, who knows, what purposes. In addition to his outstanding features, he is also good at sports, such as basketball, volleyball and a lot more. Though not really tall, he can always gain scores with his agility and smartness. Ah, what a man! I really envy him. 例3When you first see her, you may mistake her for a singer or an actress from some TV company. She dresses up every day, or I would say, every moment. Probably, she is borne in a rich family because what she wears looks expensive and rare, especially when she stands among us. She has several luxury bags, Gucci, LV and Prada, which we can never afford to have. She often mentioned during her conversations with us what she had bought and how much money she had paid for them. I know she’s just showing off her fortune, but I don’t envy her at all. Rich does not really represent a person’s value or quality, but talents, intelligence and morality do.

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    羅莉說的其實沒錯,僅出一個題目叫人家寫文章屬於「非知識交流的行為」,從前是大有可能被移除的。 不過,現在鬆多了。


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    沒這回事的!作業題,考試題?有膽就放馬過來 好好討論 讓我也學學新東東!

    最怕就是版大 "自命考官"白目自選一個"自認優答"的解答了事


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    果真版大 "自命考官"白目自選一個"自認優答"的解答了事


    "知識交流"與否 並不在於 題目的性質 是不是 作業或考題


    只知道在 所有的解答裡面 選一隻"最好的"




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