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請求幫忙翻譯成英文 ,不要google的~

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    This was a story that really frightened me. I have a very hot-blooded father who always takes heed of whatever activities from singing concerts or locally-hosted cultural activities and is always the first one to know them. That my father carried me to travel the whole island for such activities has been my memories since childhood.

    The storied happened one day when I was watching TV with ease at my nice and warm home. The TV was broadcasting the sunrise of Mt. Alishan. My father suddenly turned to me, which chilled my backbone. He then said, “Let’s go to Mt. Alishan.” I turned up my head watching the clock on the wall. It’s 9:30pm. And, almost the same time he grabbed me to go with him, and our vehicle was the motorbike, the 20-year old motorbike. We left from Kaohsiung at mid night and rushed all the way to Mt. Alishan. On the curved mountain roads there were no lights, and therefore we almost could see nothing ahead. We encountered a few cars only all the way. I felt scared, sitting in the back. The weather was chilly, but luckily there was no rain.

    We finally reached the destination after hours of ride. I felt stumbled as soon as I got off the motorbike. The mountains were replete with fog. We found many tourists, like us, came up here to watch the sunrise. We waited to see the sunrise. What a beautiful moment. The air in the early morning was so fresh, and birds chirped. All of a sudden, worries were all away behind.

    After this experience, I was a bit puzzled if I should I admire my father for his excellence in locating his ways or if I should blame him for his craziness. I felt he became young while I became years older in a blink. This was an unforgettable memory.

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