Running slow in dreams.?

I for some reason always run slow in my dreams. The most recent one was me with my sister in a store. And the agent people from the matrix were dresses in light brown suits instead of black suits. Me and my sister were in rite aid and for some reason hiding from them. Then found us and everyone (inculding the shoppers) started running. My sister ran exteremly well , very fast actually, but i was struggling and the agents were getting closer. I called for my sister and reached my hand out and she came back and grabbed it but as we ran together i still was dragging along. Like she was having to actually pull me to the car to get away. And then i woke up. Any help its irritating always running slow and barly getting away.

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  • 5 years ago
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    The same thing always happens to me. Usually when I'm having a dream of running slow, im running from a killer like Michael Myers , and it usually is always him. It's like you can't get enough grip to move forwards, like slow motion but we aren't in it. It's very normal actually, happens to a lot of people. They say it means you have lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

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