Will she get jealous and mad if I move on? I'll answer yours!?

I met a girl and we've been talking for 2 months.

We talk everyday.

When we first started talking I told her I was developing feelings for her, and I told her and asked how she felt for me. She told me she loves me as a brother right now, and her feelings are numb (she was lied to by her crush and now her old crush has a girlfriend) and she said she was sorry (a.k.a. friendzoned).

But every morning before school we say stuff like "Hope you had a great night sleep. Have a fantastic day. I love you." and then after school we talk when we can (she has cheer, and I have football).

Her parents are divorced, and she's been depressed, sort of like me.

I told her I think she's too good for me, but she disagreed.

So very rarely we'll talk about her problems, but she's more concerned about my problems.

She tells me she cares about me, she tells me she really loves me a lot (she says she means it and she loves me more than I love her), she jokes around with me, she says she believes in me, she says I'm a strong person, she says she cares about me, she says she wants me to be happy etc.

She told me today her feelings are numb from a pevious relationship and she doesn't want to like someone right now. So she didn't reject me or tell me she liked me.

She got mad at me when I ignored her for a day.

She even texts me first if I don't.

Am I overthinking this, or does she like me now? A few people tell me she does, others think she's confused and friendzoned me.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Give it some time. It sounds like she wants to be with you, but as you have stated, she's numb because of a past relationship.

    A.). Give her space

    B.) Tell her that you understand and you love her.

    C.) Ask her if there is something else wrong in the relationship.

    Hope this helps!

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  • 6 years ago

    Yeah, I'd say she likes you but she's obviously been hurt in the past, so she's scared to admit to herself that she likes someone again (basically trying to protect herself).

    Show her that you won't hurt her (and actually mean it), keep yourself open as a romantic partner for her and just be 100% honest with how you feel and try to talk it out - I hope things go well for you two :)

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  • 6 years ago

    I think she likes you but doesnt want to be hurt again by someone she likes. I say best thing to do if you've moved on (and you DEFFINATLY have) tell her nicely...meet up with her and tell her if you can and appoligise....give her some time to let it sink in and see how she feels about it as she may gind it upsettin and have a go at you but be calm and stay by her side as it sounds like she needs someone like you right now. Good luck :)

    And please answer mine :(

  • 6 years ago

    She definitely likes you. Just continually present yourself as a romantic option and keep talking to her. In a few weeks ask her out again and she will probably be over enough or her depression from the last relationship to say yes.

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