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My best friends broke up. What now?!?

Okay, so I am friends with two awesome people that are great together. Let's call them Ruth and Ben. Ben was the single kind of guy who hits on every girl at the bar, takes her back to his place, then never see her again. Ruth was the kind of girl who is terrified of commitment and would sometimes overreact at the mere thought of having kids or getting married. Despite all that, Ben told me he had a dream about a horrible accident and when he saw his life flashing through his eyes he saw Ruth. He told me something that I thought I would never hear from him. He said he was in love. And so they started dating, and they were so happy, he gave up all his bad habits for her, and so did she. They were the perfect couple. Until last month, they stopped being all cutie with each other and stopped having adventure and they became bored with life and each other. They broke up and went back to being friends. Ben is back to his unhealthy habits. I know that they will get back together when they realise the mistake they made, but until then how can I look at them and have a little part of me die, because I can't wait to see them happy again. I can't just avoid them, they are my best friends! Please help me!

PS. And each time they look at each other it's obvious they still have feelings each other

PSS I see them basically everyday. I share my apartment with Ruth. Ben is there all the time, because he is my best friend. I am feeling this break up is as much my problems as theirs

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  • 6 years ago
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    Remind them. When one is there, say Ruth is with you, tell her all the good she has done to and with Ben, how he became happier, how she did too, how both got over their fears and habits for each other. Then, do the same with Ben.

    • Robin5 years agoReport

      Thank you so much for the help! Ben actually tricked us all, while we thought he was out with drunk chicks he was actually planning the sweetest gesture of all time. He proposed to Ruth last week, she said yes! ; )

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