Do I have a chance of getting into Northwestern, University of Chicago, UPenn, or Stanford?

I suffered from depression in the first trimester of high school of my sophomore year. I got a C+ in AP Calculus, a B in AP European History, and a B in Pre-AP Chem. I got an A in my other three classes (Honors English, French, and AP micro). I am currently a sophomore in trimester 2 right now. In my freshman year, I got all As except for one B+ and one A- while taking 2 AP courses and 1 honors course. I hope to get straight A's for the rest of high school while maybe getting a few A-'s and will probably finish with a 3.9 GPA unwighted, and a 4.4 weighted gpa. I went to nationals in business professionals of america (bpa) and will probably go for the res of high school. I was on the varsity track team as a freshman and I also played chess for fun and lettered if that means anything. I also do science olympiad for my school and hope to get into NHS this year and I volunteer 3 hours a week and hope to have over 300 hours by the time I graduate. Do I have a chance at any of my dream schools, or will one bad trimester ruin me? Thank you for reading!

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  • 5 years ago
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    It'll take more than good grades to get into any of those schools. (And, no, one bad semester won't ruin your chances.) You'll also need high test scores, good teacher recommendations, strong essays and high achievement or leadership in your extracurriculars. These schools want to develop the leaders of the future, so they're looking for students who do more than just study.

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