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What is SSD?

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  • Judith
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    6 years ago
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    SSD is social security disability. Also referred to as SSDI - social security disability insurance. And referred to by social security employees asTitle Two (written down as T2). A benefit paid to (supposedly) the severely disabled as a partial replacement of loss of recent earnings due to the disability. The amount based upon how much a person paid into the SS program when they worked.

    Not to be confused with SSI (Supplemental Security Income) disability. Referred to by Social Security employees as Title Sixteen (T16). SSI is the federal welfare program meaning that benefits are based upon financial need and income and resources must be limited.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Money that the government sends to those with disabilities to help support them. It could be for mental disabilities or physical. Mostly for people who are unable to work. Sometimes parents recieve ssd checks for their children to help the parents out with their necessities. Hope I helped :)

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  • You might mean SSDi. Social Security Disability Insurance. A monthly payment made to people with significant disabilities that prevents them from working for a year or more based on the amount of money they paid in while working.

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