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Did Marie Antoinette have to bear child before being crowned Queen of France?


I was reading the Wikipedia page on her and it says that she was not crowned Queen at the same time as Louis-Auguste.

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    Not at all . She became the Queen in 1774, and her first daughter, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, was born in 1778 .

    Update : reading all these questions about Marie.Antoinette's non-crowning, I see you Americans have a hollywood view on French history . Queens' crowning has never been systematic . In France, the royal power always belonged to the king, and he was sacred in Reims cathedral, where the first king of France, Clovis, had become king in 481 .

    Some queens received a crowning, but not all of them, and never in the sacred cathedral, also with another ritual . The last Queen to be crowned was Marie de Medicis, Henri IV's wife, in 1610 .

  • Trevor
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    6 years ago

    Quite right, dear CJ. In fact I believe I read somewhere that she was ordered to pop out three children and a sponge cake first.

    Now, I believe the reason she was not crowned at the same time as her husband was that she fell off her motor-bicycle on the way to the coronation and they only had the place booked for 2 hours, so they couldn't wait.

    Those Frenchies, what a crazy time it was!

  • Juana
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    Then why wasn't she crowned after she had become a mother? She was not only not crowned at the same time as her husband, she was never crowned at all.

  • Anonymous
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    No; she wasn't crowned at all. ever. It was nothing to do with her having or not having borne a child; her husband just didn't feel it necessary for his wife to be crowned so long as he was.

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  • Clo
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    No. Her becoming queen depended upon her husband's ascension to the throne and nothing else.

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    Yes as you know

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