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Why didn't my voter application register?

I sent an voter application through the mail almost a month ago and haven't gotten anything back about it. I found a website ( that verifies whether or not you're registered; I've entered my information repeated over the last few weeks and it keeps coming up with no information, so I guess it means I'm not registered.

What did I do wrong? Should I reprint the application and send it through the mail again? Or should I do the process in person if possible? And how would I do that anyway?

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    What you did wrong was wait "almost a month" for your result.

    Another possibility is the information you put in the site doesn't match the information you put on the form, or maybe whomever processed it at the County misread your form and typed it in wrong.

    More likely still is you are in Allegheny County or Philadelphia and tried to register Republican.

    Source(s): I'm a Judge of Elections - in Pennsylvania.
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