what is the cheapest place to live in colorado?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Just a guess, but probably someplace like Wray or Lamar? But, is that all you care about?

    Regardless of where in the world, the cost of living in a place will be largely dictated by desirability. The more people that desire to live somewhere the more it will cost.

    Places like Wray and Lamar are way out east near the Kansas boarder. Not many people live there. Not much to do, but I reckon the cost of living is low. See link, you could rent a 3 bedroom house there for $850/month. Couldn't touch that in a larger city suburb for under $2K/month.


  • Dan H
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    6 years ago

    Limon, Colorado.

    Really, the plains areas are going to be less expensive in some ways than the ski resorts and tourist areas and perhaps even Denver. The drawbacks might be fewer employment opportunities.

    to balance employment opportunities and less expensive living costs, you are probably better off with Colorado's largest city: Denver.

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