HDMI to RCA CEC for TV external speakers?

Does the cable have to be only a red and white RCA on the speaker end or can it have the red and white and yellow on the speaker end and just leave the yellow one unplugged? I have a 40 in LCD Emerson and a Craig sound tower I want to have work together. The tower only has outlet for Red and White , no yellow.and the TV end has the HDMI port. Thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    Does the TV actually have an HDMI output? That is very unusual..

    You would need an adapter box to decode the digital HDMI signal and convert it back to Analog audio.

    A simple connecting lead, regardless of the plugs on it, will either do nothing or cause damage.

    Example adapter units:



    Just ignore the yellow (video) connector.

    If the TV has a headphone connection that is a far simpler and easier option to get analog audio out for external speakers..

  • 6 years ago

    A yellow red and white cable set is a composite video cable set, not an hdmi cable. Red and white are left and right audio cables, the yellow wire carries the composite video signal. HDMI cables are digital cables. they carry "computer: code" not composite or analog audio, for the most part. HDMI cables that end in audio plugs and a composite plug, are a joke, unless you happen to have some very non standard piece of made in china stuff for an off brand game machine or some other hacked and abnormal use of a standard HDMI output.

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