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Baby Name Game/Life Game? :)?

FN & MN for all kids!

LAST NAME: you choose

You and your fiancé ________ are on a cruise. He has just proposed and you guys are getting married on ______ in _______. You are super excited!

After you get back from your honeymoon to _______, you figure out you are pregnant with you first child! (dice roll determines gender) Its a ____! (1,3,or 5 is a girl, 2,4,or 6 is a boy)

You are so excited! you decide to name him/her:


FN: Angelina, Brina, Cora, Emilia, Devin, Jaclyn

MN: Teagan, Ellie, Aura, Noelle, Jayna


FN: Elliot, Connor, Caleb, Sebastien, Chase, Lorenzo

MN: Caden, Kingston, Jason, Sawyer, Joshua

When your child is 2, you learn you are pregnant with (dice roll): triplets (1 or 3), quads (2 or 6), or quints (4 or 5)

You can choose the genders!

Girls FN & MN:

Shayla, Jena, Emmy, Jessa, Teya, Greta, Giselle, Isabel, Dakota, Nicolette, Mckinley, Anabelle/a, Isla, Margaret, Maelie, Kaya, Taylor, Parker, Vivienne, Corrine

Boys FN & MN:

Finlay, Reese, Ellis, Keegan, Tate, Avery, Atticus, Camden, Drew, Maddox, Alexander, Emmett, Collin, Owen, Jake, Taylor, Wyatt, Gavin, Declan, Hunter

Now you and your husband want one more child, but end up with twins!

roll twice for each gender: girls-2,3,or 4, boys- 1,5, or 6



Cara, Alexa, Evangeline, Jocelyn, Georgia, Greta, Lilly, Kylie/Keely, Maya


Connor, Nathan, Nicholas, Jace, Adam, Ezra, Carter, Jack, Samuel

MN: your choice :)


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  • Paula
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    5 years ago
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    LAST NAME: Cohen

    You and your fiancé Nick are on a cruise. He has just proposed and you guys are getting married on August 1st in Las Vegas. You are super excited!

    After you get back from your honeymoon to England

    Rolled 6: Sebastien Kingston

    Rolled 1: G/B/B: Isla Vivienne, Camden Ellis & Atticus Wyatt

    Rolled 2 & 6: G/B: Lilly Helena & Jack Henry

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  • 5 years ago

    Last name: Charleston


    June 15



    Sebastian Joshua


    Isla Margaret

    Emmett Declan

    Tate Camden

    Jessa Dakota

    Reese Annabelle

    Georgia Jocelyn

    Carter Nathan

    Se, Isla, Emmett, Tate, Jessa, Reese, Georgie, and Carter.

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  • Leslie
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    5 years ago

    Husband : Gregory Vincent.

    Married on August 29th, in Italy.

    HoneyMoon : Island in Bahrain.

    First Child : Sebastian Kingston.

    Triplets: Maddox Alexander, Annabelle Corrine, Isabella Nicolette.

    Twins: Alexa Skye, Ezra Malichi.

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  • Lia
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    5 years ago

    Last Name: Walker

    Husband: Michael

    Date: October 23rd

    Location: South Carolina

    Honeymoon: Hawaii

    Son: Caleb Sawyer

    Triplets: B/G/G-Alexander Owen, Jessa Maelie, & Shayla Isabel

    Twins: B/G-Jack William & Lilly Victoria

    Caleb, Alex, Jessa, Shay, Jack, and Lilly

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  • Hailey
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    5 years ago

    - Williams

    - Benjamin Williams

    - June 16th

    - Hawaii

    - Girl

    - Emilia Noelle

    - Triplets

    - Atticus Tate, Avery Emmett & Alexander Owen

    - Opposite sex twins

    - Maya Georgia & Samuel Jack

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