Was Truman a good president?

I have to write an essay for history which also happens to be my absolute WORST subject. I don't understand anything in history. So, could you give me three examples as to why the atomic bomb ended the war? 3 examples or 3 explanations about the truman doctrine and why it made him a good president, and then 3 explanations about the Korean War and how truman did something with the korean war that makes him a good president? PLEASE HELP i have no idea what to write. I don't get how something about the korean war makes him a good president...? please help and provide the 3 reasons thanks!

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    No he like all the presidents up to about 1993 were in Fact Practicing Racists

    truman went along with the Racist FDR and refused to present the medal of honor earned in WW2 to African Americans many died But some still alive received the Honor from a Non racist President in 1993

    the Liberation March Through Paris August 1944 all the Coloured Regiments and Coloured Soldiers were Positioned 50 Miles from Paris

    as FDR and Eisenhower said this liberation must Look like a WHITE victory all US presidents in My Opinion up to 1993 were Racists Bigots and Liars

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    >So, could you give me three examples as to why the atomic bomb ended the war?

    Because Japan's belief that they could not surrender due to the Bushido Code, which was heavily indoctrinated among the Japanese society. Yes, it was fine to be proud people, but there was absolutely no way you should push that level to the point it would come back and bite you in the ***. The fact is that a nuclear weapon was delivered by a single plane instead of thousands of tons of conventional weapons delivered by hundreds of planes, shook the Japanese society and now the Japanese military were being faced in a situation where they cannot possibly resist the use of nuclear weapons dropped on them that would kill them in an instant instead of minutes, days, weeks, or months. The U.S. also warned Japan that they would "expect a rain of ruin from the air the like which has never seen before on this earth" and that "[a] single one of our newly developed atomic bombs is actually the equivalent in explosive power to what 2000 of our giant B-29s can carry on a single mission", that puts Japan in fear that such weapons would destroy their entire nation along with the invasion of Japan and the continued firebombing of their cities. As a result, rather than carrying on with the war, with the possibility of rains of nukes dropped upon them that would eat Japan's heart out faster than a speeding bullet, the Japanese surrendered.

    >3 explanations about the Korean War and how truman did something with the korean war that makes him a good president?

    Following the end of World War II, Korea was divided up between North and South. North Korea was controlled by the Soviet Union and was a communist country and South Korea was controlled by the U.S. and was a capitalistic country. Communism was started to become a growing threat right after fascism and Truman issued a policy of containment, which stated that any country free of communist influence would be assisted if communists attacked them. This policy was put to the test in the Korean War when the North Koreans invaded South Korea, sparking the Korean War. Truman responded by asking the UN to intervene - which was later approved. Although a good president, he later clashed with General MacArthur over the dispute of using nuclear weapons. Truman argued that using nukes in Korea would spark a nuclear-armed exchange, given the fact that the Soviets exploded its first nuke in 1947, while MacArthur argued that there was no substitute for victory and wants to use on China to save American lives, which would have resulted in Soviet Union's intervention and possibly World War III. As a result, Truman fired him, but that move made him unpopular with Americans, along with the seemingly-never ending war in Korea.

    But overall, Truman was a good president, though his legacy is never up to par with JFK and Bill Clinton.

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    History is just like a story. Think of your favorite book, you know it by heart right? Well, do the same with history.

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    So you think that the best plan to address being ignorant is to stay ignorant. I predict a really unpleasant life ahead for you, bubba.

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