How to report an e-mail that may lead to illegal content?

Within the past month or so, my yahoo e-mail account began receiving lots of spam mail from a variety of different addresses - all of them included links to pornography or asked for nude pics or something similar. Although upon looking in my actual spam folder, I see that well over 100 of these have been automatically placed there, quite a few have been making it through into my regular inbox.

I actually have multiple yahoo e-mail addresses (not aliases - I actually have multiple accounts) and for whatever reason, only one of my accounts has been receiving these. Again, each e-mail appears to be coming from different source.

So, I guess I have two questions:

1. Why is this happening and how can I stop it? I'm a little concerned, as some of the e-mails mention my username (or something similar to my username).

2. One of the e-mails had the word "teen" in the title and included a link to a website - this site seems suspicious. I haven't clicked on it, because I have no desire to see what lies behind it, but I did a Google search of the url, just to see if any results would come up. Nothing came up - this means that its a part of the "dark web" right? And isn't that where a lot of illegal content is kept? The e-mail also mentioned "downloadable zip files" and wouldn't that be a typical method for sharing illegal porn?

Is there someway to report the e-mail to someone who could investigate it, just in case there is anything illegal about it?


I know that there's an option for marking an e-mail as spam, but I think that just helps the automated system filter e-mails from that source out of my inbox, right? I want to make sure that a person actually sees the e-mail, so that they can determine whether it needs to be investigated.

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