how to Avoid viruses and threats ?

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    Get a real time AV product. The free ones generally work well though I prefer the full fledged versions. I've been using ESET's NOD32 product for years but there are plenty of good products on the market.

    There are a lot of people who swear by the product MalwareBytes. The free version is a good scanning product but does not provide real time protection. So you get an infected computer, hopefully clean it, get it infected again, hopefully clean, get infected again ...

    The premium (not free) version of Malwarebytes does have a real time scanner.

    A general answer to your question also entails 'safe computing'. If you start surfing the grey areas of the internet you will encounter a lot of malware. Downloading pirated media, games etc from torrents is an invitation for malware.

    If it seems too good to be true, it is. Beware of scams and phishing (pretending to be legit).

    Finally, back up your computer every once and a while. An external drive works fine as do drive imaging products. This not only helps when malware has clogged your system beyond repair but also the inevitable day when your hard drive crashes. If you didn't run the backup (with the message that kept appearing) on your screen when you first got your system, do it now.

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    You can avoid 99.99% of viruses by running Linux or FreeBSD etc.

    You still have people sending you viruses, but they are harmless (if potentially annoying; at one point was getting about 1000/day Sircam in my email).

    Avoiding threats generally is a bit more tricky but keeping all public-facing software up-to-date (browsers, plugins, PDF reader etc.) is recommended as is turning off services such as webservers and mailservers that you don't actually need.

    In 40 years of computing I've never had a problem with a virus, but I have had my computer compromised at least twice, once via an unpatched Realvideo server.

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    To avoid virus and threats remember these below steps:

    Use antivirus and CCleaner

    Block file types that often carry malware

    Use firewall protection

    Stay up to date with software patches

    Perform daily scans

    Don't click on emails and attachments

    Deploy DNS protection

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    Using anti viruses.

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    Search A Good Computer Scanner Like AVG

  • Install quality antivirus

    Perform daily scans

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    You Install A good Antivirus and every day Upgrade and you install antimalway program and everydat scan your system.

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    Buy good antivirus, i recommend Eset for you.

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    good antivirus software like Avast.

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