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英文文章翻譯中文 20點

請幫我翻譯以下的句子 謝謝

We have three possible solutions that you can choose from.

1. We can reproduce and reship your order via the original shipping method, at no extra cost. Keep in mind this shipping method does not include tracking, delivery can take up to 17 business days to arrive, is not guaranteed, and may incur duty or custom charges upon arrival. If you would like to choose this option, then please reply back with your full shipping address.

2. We can provide you with a full refund. If you choose this option, we would process it back to the original payment method.

3. We can reproduce and reship your package via International Premium. Our International Premium method is delivered by UPS, is a guaranteed shipping method, offering a faster delivery time (generally 1-3 business days) and tracking for your shipment. Any duty or custom fees would still apply for this shipping method.

Additionally, the UPS shipping method is a higher cost than the method you originally paid for, so we would need to collect $36.49 for the additional shipping charges. If you have a PayPal account, you can submit your payment to us directly by email to Or, you can call us at 724-832-1993, or toll free at 1-800-381-0815, between the hours of 8AM and 8PM EST Monday through Friday to submit credit card payment. We do not keep payment information on file. Additionally, you will have to pay any custom or duties fees, as well as any carrier fees.

Please reply back with how you would like to proceed.

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    這個郵寄方式沒有辦法使用追蹤包裹的功能,郵寄可能會17天才會到,可是也不敢完全保證17 天會到因為氣候的關係以及郵寄過程。如果您想要選擇這個選項,請回覆給我們您的住址。

    我們可以退您全部的金額。如果您選擇這個選項,我們會以您以前的付款來做這個動作。 (我不確定這樣講會不會太複雜)


    另外,UPS的郵寄費用會比您當初選的郵寄方式還要貴。如果您選這個選項,我們需要像您索取$36.49 來付郵寄費用。如果你有PayPal 的帳號,您可以送出您的付款到我們的email :。 或者打給我們724-832-1993或1-800-381-0815 由於星期一到星期五早上八點到晚上八點東部時間來付您的信用卡費用。我們不會把您的資料留在我們的檔案上。另外,您需要付任何額外的費用 (如果有的話。例如額外的包裹費用)


    大大你好。 這是我自己翻的。絕對沒有用google翻譯所以請放心。 希望我翻的不會太奇怪。我翻的會比較白話一點。


    Source(s): 人在國外念書
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