what to do if I cannot open a single exe file or program in windows 7. No programs like IE or regedit or CMD are not working.?

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  • Me2
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    6 years ago
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    This usually indicates that the file associations for executables (exe, lnk, com, scr, etc) have been hijacked.

    On another computer, plug in a flash drive, then download the file below to the flash drive.  The script is my work, and I attest that it performs no malicious actions, but you are welcome to have someone familiar with Visual Basic script review it.


    Transfer the flash drive to the problem computer.  Log on to an account with administrator's rights.  Open Explorer and navigate to the flash drive, then double-click FixEXEs.vbs.

    Results should be immediate, but if you still cannot open programs, then the script probably did not run with adequate privileges.  Try right-clicking FixEXEs.vbs and clicking Run As Administrator.

  • 6 years ago


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