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英文書信 請幫忙翻譯延後進貨的英文


因這季商品不強,所以銷售不佳,庫存很多,下一季又即將到來,但對方銷售也不佳,想要我們儘快匯出貨款,強勢要求我們要進貨, 以下是我想回覆的,

目前來說我們正與您同步進行折扣活動,但是本季商品我們的客人接受度較低,而我們也盡力在銷售, 現在進貨只會增加我們的庫存成本. 在這種情況下,請給予我們最大的支持,讓我們分批進貨,目前我們需要的部份只有較厚重的衣服,請見附檔黃色的部份.


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    Dear XXX

    Thank you for your email.

    At this moment, our company are doing promotional discount on our products as well. The feedback we have received from our client are not as aggressive as we thought. We are trying our best to clear out ready stock in our warehouse. If we were to raise additional purchase at this juncture, it will further add on our inventory cost.

    We earnestly plead for your support and allow us to purchase them partially. Our current inquiry will be heavy clothing, please kindly refer to attached doc which highlighted in yellow for your perusal.


    We sincerely thank you for your kind understanding and long term support.

    Please let me know if you have any problem, thank you!



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    這裡有你要的 答案


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    Little girl with bad English is in need for a good translator, just for once!


    What a bad season we have - with poor sales, I have a lot of inventory.


    With the new season around the corner and bad top line with our upstream, they want us to pay up soon as well as to add to our inventory.


    This is what I want to say:


    We recently started promotional discounts in parallel with you but the merchandise acceptance remain slow.

    而我們也盡力在銷售, 現在進貨只會增加我們的庫存成本.

    While we are doing our best in sales, additional inventory will definitely also add to our cost..


    In such a depressing situation, we will need your support to allow us to add by batches.


    Currently, heavier clothing is the only thing we need - see the attachment in yellow high-light.


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