Will I still be able to go to a good college?

I've been an A and B student,every year since I started, but recently now as a Freshman I have had As and Bs in every class except Math which I had a D in. It's the end of the 2nd Term and I think I may have another D or even an F, but As and Bs in every class. The majority of the students in the class aren't passing. But will I still be able to go to a good college or university?

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  • Kino
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    Define what good is. Ivy League? MIT? Stanford? Caltech? I really dont think so, to be honest. Maybe if you were really good at sports or an instrument.

    I don't know how the state schools are at your area, but the one near my school is actually not that bad and I know some people who really want to go there and you definitely dont need a flawless GPA to go there.

    If you dont want to go to such a school, going to CC and then transferring to a school that you feel more comfortable with may not be a bad idea.

    Edit: Wait, youre a freshman, huh? Yea, just try to aim high like a 4.0 unweighted the next few years. Colleges actually really like to see a uphill trend!

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