What are some really cheap easy to make meals?

Besides Ramen Noodles and Banquet frozen dinners, what are some cheap easy to make meals? Go ahead and give me something with Ramen Noodles in it, just not just Ramen Noodles.

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    I make a Chicken and Rice dish that is easy and can be stretched far. You take a whole chicken and throw it in a pot of water, salt the water and boil it then turn it down to medium low and cook till the chicken is falling apart, takes about 2 hours. Strain the chicken out and keep the broth put back in pot, let chicken cool enough to pick all the meat off of it. While you are doing that add to the broth on a burner about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of rice and then add in your chicken meat. salt and pepper to taste. Once rice is done it is ready to eat. You can add in some frozen veggies to this, I usually add peas for another dinner because it makes a lot.

    Cabbage and Polish sausage with Potatoes. Get a head of cabbage and cut up, get one or two packages of Polish Kelbasa and cut up into pieces, and cut up some potatoes, add however many you prefer. fill pot half with water, season with salt and pepper to your liking and cook till potatoes and cabbage are done. Serve with jiffy corn bread if you can afford a box.

    Beans and cornbread- I usually buy the packages of 16 bean soup and add in a hamhock for flavor. I cook mine in the crock pot, season to your liking and you have a meal for days.

    You can make dozens of things with eggs too. Omletes, Scrambled eggs with left over meat and some cheese, egg sandwhiches. I even make a dish that you take cooked pasta and just fry an egg with it, salt and pepper and some Siriacha chili sauce, yum yum.

    You can also do Veggie fried rice. All you need is cooked rice, you can take from leftovers if you have it, a package of your preferred veggies, you can buy large frozen bag of Asian veggies at walmart for around $5 that can stretch for several meals then you just cook the rice and veggies with a bit of oil, soy sauce and then fry an egg and mix it together once it is all done.

    To gussy up the Ramen noodles, Try making egg drop soup while the noodles are cooking drop an egg into the water and swirl around. Add green onions and Siriacha chili sauce (I love that stuff). I have also added hamburger or tuna or chicken to ramen noodles before, you can add veggies or anything really, it's rather versatile. Cut up lunch meat, frozen peas, tomatoes.

    Try not to buy pre frozen meals, you can make Pizza very cheap if you just put a bit of work into it. I buy the packaged crust mixes for 50 cents, and I buy the $1 pizza sauce, I have also used canned tomatoes n a pinch and added my own seasonings. Then just add some mozzarella cheese or any cheese you have on hand. And viola pizza! Cooking from scratch does make things cheaper.

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    Pasta, with a Tomato sauce

    Potato, with Liver or meatloaf

    Rice with chilli con carne or curry

    Spaghetti with meat balls

    I often cook enough of the Pasta ect to make 2 or 3 meals and freeze in bowls after cooling, (Add 1 Table spoon water) Cover with cling film. When required take out to defrost in the morning, Pierce film and Reheat on Full for 5 minutes.

    If you make enough of the sauce ect include before you freeze.

    Sometimes I like a couple of Fried egg sandwiches

    If you have a electric slow cooker, Brown some cheap meat in a pan, Put in cooker, Brown some veg onions and put in cooker (These will mostly melt) add stock and leave on low all day.

    I use mine to make the Chilli

    I like a nice thick soup with Pasta and maybe Fresh Bread

    Andy C

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    You could make shake and bake chicken it is cheap if you get drumsticks and though it is not fast it is really easy. Just make rice on the side which is cheap and easy then maybe a canned veggie beans or corn.

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    Chicken is usually pretty damn cheap and can be prepared in a number of different ways. My go-to cheap and healthy meal is grilled chicken breast, rice, and some vegetables. Super cheap and very healthy. Plus you can change up the flavors by changing the seasoning or sauce on the chicken

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    -Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

    Change up the grilled cheese. Use brie and green apple on toasted roll.Change it up how ever you like.

    Home made soup of your choice and a good loaf of bread.

    Baked potato and a salad.

    Chilli with meat and beans.

    Veggie tacos.

    French toast and fruit for dinner.

    Anything with chicken theighs or drumstick . See if they come deboned.


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    Anything with pasta is easy to make. Just cook the pasta and add toppings such as tuna, cheese, ham - basically anything in a tin or the fridge.

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    Anything with pasta is easy to make. Just cook the pasta and add toppings such as tuna, cheese, ham - basically anything in a tin or the fridge.

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    as long as you like baked beans in tomato sauce,

    a quick meal is two packets of plain crisps,( Or bacon flavour)

    put a small amount of cold water in a pot bring to the boil

    remove from heat and stir in and break up the crisps slightly until they start to go soft, add the tin of beans, put back on the heat, keep stirring and turning over heating up until hot enough to eat, and serve,

    you can vary the amounts to suit yourself,

    I know it sounds gross, and will look a soggy mess, but believe me, it tastes superb, and great with toast, time about 6 minutes.

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    Top Ramen is easy to fix, and can be eaten without cooking it, you could sprinkle a little of the flavor pack on it, and save the extra for bullion for soups and stews. It just doesn't digest very well.

    You can watch the sales of pasta and get a similar value. Spaghetti sauce will also go on sale for about the same prices as tomato sauce. Tomato sauce on pasta is reasonable by itself, you could season it a little, or finely dice some white onion, black olives, and raw garlic into it. You could do the same with the Ramen noodles, just boil them in water, then add the others.

    Noodles on the oriental flavoring would be with some soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and ginger. Raw ginger, thin sliced and simmered in a little sweetener is a great healthy snack by itself, then finely diced into the pasta or a rice dish.

    10 cheapest, healthy foods per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WebMD.


    oats, dried beans, eggs, brown rice, popcorn, cabbage, onions, bananas, watermelon, beets

    Additionally, potatoes, carrots, tomato sauce, flour, baking soda, apple and rice vinegar, etc..

    Popcorn can be microwaved in a pyrex covered dish to avoid the bad fats and chemicals in the store version. Potatoes (white and sweet) are easy to microwave, a little olive oil, fresh ground black pepper, sea salt, and if you like red pepper flakes, or top with some chili.

    A simple, good stew is potatoes, carrots and onion, bullion broth and seasoning. For variety, curry/turmeric, paprika, cumin, bay leaves, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, dill, etc.. Some of these are the base to making your own spaghetti sauce.

    Dried beans take a while to cook, but I just set a timer: 2hrs at a simmer, off for 2, and then 2 more to finish them. A basic one is pinto beans, black pepper, red pepper flakes, add salt and a little vinegar at the end, onions and garlic if you like, and chili powder/paprika if you want a chili version. Navy beans and grated carrots. Lentil soup with dill and lemon juice. Split peas and rice. There are thousands of rice and bean dishes.

    The same is true for cabbage dishes, coleslaw, Greek salad, Asian cabbage salads, Mexican pico, etc. A great basic pico: tomatoes, white onions, cabbage, jalapenos, fresh cilantro, lemon juice, optional avocado.

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