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Ching Yi asked in 社會及文化語言 · 5 years ago

急!Homework is not necessary

I will have debate on Friday . I am the member of the team that supports the

point, homework is not necessary . Please helps me to think about some points .

Both Chinese and English are ok but English is better . Quick !!!!!!! 急!!!!!

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    Recent studies in Australia have shown this to be false. The latest studies showed that homework has no benefit at all in children up to 3rd grade, very poor benefits in 4th-6th graders, minimal benefits in 7th-9th graders and reasonable benefits in 10th-12th graders.

    Why do we put students and families through all the stresses of homework for such a poor gain. Surely time could be better spent developing other life skills.

    We shouldn't have to do homeworkWe spend most of our day at school working so is it really necessary or fair that we should have to work at home as well? When I come home from school all I want to do is sit down and relax, homework is the opposite of this. It is stressful and sometimes I find myself awake at 10:00 at night staring at a computer screen when I really should be in bed sleeping preparing for school the next day.

    As a burden not acceptable See when a student is given homework he is given a burden in the following ways:

    1 he leaves all his work and does homework decreasing time to school studies. As sometime before a friend of mine wrote that it makes us remember the points then it is wrong as writing increases the strain so the child thinks of quickly write it and go to play so this makes him forget everything and concentrate on games.

    It's not needed I think that homework is useless. School is meant to teach and prepare students to face the real world. If homework is mandatory- it doesn't give students a chance to make their own decisions. Homework is meant to improve skills by practicing and I believe that students should be able to have the decision for themselves- they know what they need to accelerate in.

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  • 5 years ago

    -- homework enhances burden of students

    (as they hv a lot of tests and ECA in school)

    -- homework results may count into daily marks in school

    which may lead to a lower grade if students did not perform well on doing hw, what the school hv to focus is students exam marks but not daily marks

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