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我有幾個句子想要中翻英 禁用翻譯軟體喔!!!

以下句子請幫我 中文翻英文

謝謝! 愛你們唷 ^_^




但疾病帶來的 痛苦,與知道丈夫外遇卻忍著不說的原因,是否因為女兒們都離開家,


已獲得女 兒們的關心,但是他這種得理不饒人的方式,卻逼得女兒們一個一個離開自己,


在不健全的家庭裡 每個人都必須遵照父母的思想和行為

在一個不健全的家庭中, 每一個成員都經歷著一種感情上適者生存的掙扎




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  • 6 years ago
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    Though being a family, they cared for each other, but it's getting more and more obvious that they're gradually growing apart. In the end, they all left the house, leaving their aged mother alone. Her only comfort isn't any of her daughters, but the Indian maid that she used to look down on. So, how truly weak or strong can this family bond be?


    The diseases caused her pain, while knowing her husband's affair but not saying anything about it. Might the daughter's leave be a part of the reason she had no one to talk about it to ?


    So when the daughters were back, the mother vented her anger and complains on them, though she successfully earned the concerns she longed for, but her continuing complaints just gradually drew them even more far away, only the Indian maid stayed. When her eldest daughter was about to leave home, her mother cried so hard and pitifully, that makes people sigh with sorrow.

    在不健全的家庭裡每個人都必須遵照父母的思想和行為,在一個不健全的家庭中, 每一個成員都經歷著一種感情上適者生存的掙扎,人须探索过去所受的伤害,才能原谅别人及往前行。

    In an imperfect family, everyone had do and think as they parents, they had to struggle through some sort of emotionally painful experiences, they had to be exposed to the pain once again to be able to forgive and move on.


    In an unhealthy family, it would be filled will the atmosphere of shame and self-degrading, they defend themselves with their stubborn characters that they fit themselves into, in order to avoid the feeling they don't want others to see.


    In an ill-conditioned family, everyone holds defenses against each other's characters, that's the only available way for them to maintain their shallowed relations.

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  • 6 years ago








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  • 呆子
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    6 years ago

    Because of the blood relationship, they still have some kind of love. As you can see, their love has already faded. At last, they separated and left the old mother alone. Her only hope falls on the disrespectable Indian maid, not any of her daughters.The reason why she suffered from the pain caused by ill and her husband cheated on her who kept silent without saying a word is because her daughters have left home. Nobody would listen to her. While they came back, she kept complaining from deep in her heart.

    To get the concern from them, she pushed them too hard. Finally, they just went away and left the only one, her maid. The mother was crying out loudly. It is so mercy.

    In the uncomfortable family, everyone should abide by the thinking and behavior of his parents. Each one should experience the struggle of life. You should inspect what you have been treated unfairly and then you would forgive someone.It is filled with shameful atmosphere in the uncomfortable family. Everyone defends himself by fixed role and avoids touching the disgraceful feeling.

    In the uncomfortable family, it is the way to keep good relationship by playing the role with defending mood.

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  • 羅莉
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    6 years ago

    YK+不是翻譯平台, 而是解決文句疑難的地方.


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