What is another term for "disability"?


A couple of days ago, somebody asked for other terms for "disability" and I answered by saying that they should use the thesaurus for example, the thesaurus at http://thesaurus.com/ and my answer was reported by somebody and my answered was removed.

Somebody else answered "physically challenged" and "differently abled". These synonyms weren't in thesaurus.com.

Now I think that using a thesaurus is still the right answer, but that wikitionary.com has a better thesaurus.

Was my first answr bad?

Update 2:

@JMITW. Thank you for your answer but I can't find my answer to the original question since my answer was deleted. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a link to a porn site though. This is the link: http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/disability?s=t

Update 3:

By the way, I have a disability.

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    Maybe the person responsible for reporting your answer was offended by some of the suggestions on the page. I have several disabilities, but they are not 'defects' or 'drawbacks' or 'weaknesses' and I am certainly not an 'invalid'. These are words that probably would have been commonplace twenty years ago, but they're no longer really considered to be PC when talking about disability.

    And quite why 'incompetency' is listed as a synonym for it is completely beyond me.

    "Physically challenged" and "differently abled" aren't technically correct for a vast number of disabilities. None of my disabilities challenge me physically in any way whatsoever.

    Or maybe, just maybe, they were offended that the "wiki" link was wrong. It should be Wiktionary, not Wikitionary. It's Wikipedia's version of a dictionary, and it should rhyme with dictionary.

  • The thesaurus is a correct way to look for a word that means the same thing as disability, but it does not take into account that the word is used in different contexts - a disabled vehicle is different than a disabled person. It also does not take into account whether the word is correct in current usage or outdated - unless it's a very thorough thesaurus, which most are not.

    A thesaurus is a tool. It can be misused. Lame was a word in your listing (I went to it - it did not go to a porn site) and that has become offensive to many because of its misuse. That's so lame. What a lame answer. In these contexts lame means stupid. It does not refer to an inability to walk without a limp. SO lame is now considered offensive by most people who would have otherwise considered themself lame.

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    Chronic medical condition

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