Most broken, OP pathfinder build?

I am looking to make the most overpowered non-spellcaster possible for a level one pc in pathfinder rpg. And/or the most overpowered familiar or animal companion

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    Most characters aren't worth much at level 1.

    Possibly the most broken are the Synthesis Summoner or the Master Summoner. Both are spell casters, but work around many of a caster's weaknesses. (Synthesis by being able to tank all their physical skills and buy up mental ones, then replace the poor physical skills with their summon, they also get two hit dice at level 1, a d8 and a d10. Master Summoner's spam their Summon Monster ability for maximum effect.)

    Other, magic free, broken classes include the Gunslinger and some archetypes of the monk, as well as some of the new classes from the Advance Classes book.

    Gunslinger's almost never miss, and some pistol builds can fire multiple shots from level 1. Give one a Double Pistols and a level 1 Gunslinger can theoretically put four bullets into a target in one round.

    While the monk itself isn't spectacular, several of its Archtypes can be a OP.

    The Zen Archer flurries with bows from level 1. They get several archery specific free feats, and several bonus feats that can ignore prerequisites. Take Deadly Aim early and you have a build that can be as devestating as a gunslinger, without needing to introduce firearms.

    Master of Many Styles stacks styles like nobody else. Many of these styles are particularly powerful, and the Master of Many Styles has more of them than anyone else, and can use more at once.

    The Flowing Monk is a pain to attack, because it counters all attacks with a maneuver and the sickened condition. Combine this with feats like Vicious Stomp or Greater Improved Trip and anyone who attacks you will get sicked, knocked down, and attacked twice. At higher levels they can even have an opponent strike an ally and then knock the original attacker prone.

    Take the Brawler. They are much like the Monk, but don't get Flurry until level 2. They do ignore several feat prerequisites, have full BAB and a d10 hit die. Most importantly, for a few rounds a day a they can suddenly have any feat they qualify for.

    The Investigator can add 1d6 to many of their skill rolls. As they gain levels they can add even more skills and attacks to their abilities and can essentially make the roll for free.

    The Bloodrager is half barbarian, half sorcerer. Take the Arcane Bloodline and after a few levels your DM will never have the party face a solo spell caster again.


    Animal Companion depends at least partly on your class. Only two classes start with an animal companion, the Druid and the Hunter. Of the two, Hunters have built in class buffs to make their animals slightly better than the druid's at the cost of reduced spell casting ability and a lack of wildshape.

    Most of the best animal companions are dinosaurs, so some DMs might reject them.

    -Allosaurus: Three attacks, decent AC, decent speed.

    -Ankylosaurus - High AC.

    -Apes: Three attacks, gets much better at level 4.

    -Arsinoitherium: A good mount option.

    -Cat, Big: Again with three attacks, and pounce, these make good attack companions.

    -Deinonychus: fast, three attacks, good HP, gets five attacks at level 7.

    -Elephant: A good mount choice

    -Tyrannosaurs: Good stats, one strong attack

    Alternatively, you can build a custom creature through the Summoner's Eidlon. For the most powerful Eidlon, take the base class without Archtype.

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    Pathfinder Builds

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    Ask for a custom race, Try to be a small sized undead (way too many immunities to be balanced) with the subtypes human, half-orc, gnome and halfling and try to badger him into allowing morale bonuses to affect it. If no custom race is available, just go with gnome with eternal hope, fey magic and gnome magic. For traits, take fates favored and optimistic gambler (which depending on how it's read pretty much on average triples your rage rounds per day). Favored class bloodrager (primalist (Not pfs legal), bloodrider, arcane bloodline). 12 levels in that, 1 level in furious guardian, 1 level in swashbuckler, 2 levels in alchemical fighter, 4 levels in oracle (nature) (spirit guide (nature), dual cursed (lame, wrecker)). If you have mythic, dual path marshal/champion. For bloodrager, take the alternate familiar of a mauler and make sure it can fly. For feats, take noble scion, the deific and celestial obediences of Calistria and Arshea (at levels 15 and 19), Divine protection, animal soul, raging brutality (if you're undead, which instead uses your charisma), mounted combat, ride by attack, spirited charge, power attack, and an extra oracle revelation. Long story short, by level 20 even without mythic you will be able to apply your charisma to your saves and AC multiple times over, easily allowing for 50+ ac/saves while wearing no armor (instead just spam scrolls of Nereid's grace), while having an absurd hp pool and immunities because you're undead (they apply cha instead of con to any con related abilities including hp), and also due to noble scion you use add your charisma mod to initiative as well. For damage, you have the oh so op ragelancepounce where your first hit on a charge with a lance does guaranteed x3 damage and you get a full attack afterwards, which you can up to x8 if you're mythic with legendary foe-biting weapon and the mounted marshall path ability. Add onto that the fact that you have raging brutality, shapeshift on rage, the ability to free-cast true strike when you enter rage, means that you're to hit can also easily exceed +80 on your first attack against TOUCH AC and deal a disgusting amount of damage (with the mod being able to hit 500+ alone). Also because you're undead and you're familiar is your mount, your familiar will always have half of your maximum hp and use your saves making it ridiculously hard to kill for a mount. Then you still have spell sunder and like 3 rerolls a turn etc etc and you get the point. **** goes downhill really fast.

    The build is heavily level dependent, with key powerspikes being 12 (ragelancepounce), 16 (when you hit oracle 4 and the first celestial obedience kicks in), and mythic tier 3 (second legendary weapon upgrade).

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