I need a name for a murderous queen...any suggestions?

I've been writing this series since my freshman year of high school (so about three years, I'm a junior now) and I've reached book 7 only to be hit with intense writers block. So, in an attempt to clear it, I've started to transition the series from my notebooks to my computer. But now, in the process of re-writing the very first chapter of the first book, I've decided that I hate one of the main character's names. (I'm pretty sure a lot of you writers can relate with changing everything around come editing time)

Her name originally, was Aralania. Then it was Arlany, Then Lania, and now I have no idea and it's honestly irritating me. She was born a princess, but her life as a child is really only the prologue to the first book and every time you see her after she's a queen. She is murderous(having killed her groom at twelve for not loving her) and is also widely known as the most beautiful woman ever born to the family of men. (There are other races, elves, dwarves etc.) She is also an incredible general and very intelligent, killing off her entire family to gain the throne without even being suspected of the murders.

So, would any of you mind helping me come up with a few names for her? I'm trying to find something beautiful and unique, but also dark...if that makes any sense at all... Anyhow, anything and everything helps and Is appreciated! Thanks guys!

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  • 6 years ago
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    Belladonna, Clematis, and Lantana are all names of poisonous flowers.

    Amar- Bitter

    Aquila- Eagle

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  • David
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    6 years ago

    I suggest you don't use a cliche-sounding name and think of a normal name instead.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Name her fellatio felcher.

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