Causes of the Civil War?

select two "triggers" to the Civil War. You must explain the trigger and evaluate the extent to which each one created an even deeper divide within the country that caused all out war to seemingly be the only option. Ideally, your two events will connect with one another.

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    One trigger was the conflict over slavery. This was both a social and economic issue, because the south depended on slaves as a main form of economy,while the north wanted to stop slavery.

    The south also resented tariffs (taxes on imported items, and some exported items). Southerners felt that they were being singled out to get hit with unfair tariffs. This made them even more resentful of the north. In addition, abolitionists were gaining influence, and more people became abolitionists. This further antagonized the south.

    Another trigger had to do with the breakdown and creation of political parties. This, along with the arguments over secession and states' rights. tied in with the slavery issue.

    People were deeply divided about choosing sides. Some people tried to push slavery to other states, some tried to hold on to slavery. It was a time when there was a lot of resentment, arguing, confusion, and political moves.

    There were many political actions related to slavery. When the Whig party broke down, the Democratic party was formed, and the Democrats seemed to favor slavery. The Republican party didn't want slavery. Kansas and Nebraska believed that settlers should decide if there is slavery. Missouri didn't want Nebraska to become a free state so that slaves wouldn't settle there.

    Then when Lincoln was elected, things got more complicated. The Democratic party split in half, and South Carolina broke away altogether.

    Then in very quick succession, six more states seceded, Lincoln was inaugurated, Fort Sumter was attacked, and the Civil War began.

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    The south hoarding twinkies.

    The north wearing clown suits to church.

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