Why would a married man recommend to me the movie Sex Tape, which is pretty raunchy and explicit?

He s a manager at the place I work, technically a boss, but it s a pretty laid back place and noone treats anyone like a manager or subordinate. He and I have become work pals. He knows I have a massive crush on him and I ve tried to back off, but he was very adamant that I was his friend and he didn t want me to stop talking to him. He has said that if he was single, things would be different, so I guess he likes me back? Twice now, he s told me I should watch the movie Sex Tape. I thought it was a weird kind of movie to recommend, since he knows I m not much of a comedy type person, that I watch exclusively horror movies, plus him being married and me being completely honest and open about my attraction. I don t know, maybe I m reading too much into it, but it s weird to me. Should I just take it as a friend recommending a movie he enjoyed, or should I definitely not open that can of worms?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I feel taking it as a recommended movie is best for your job in the long run. In the past work relationships that become personal never end well for either person. It seems that your manager has already crossed the line. If you feel uncomfortable at all talk to your manager about it or his boss or human resources.

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