Is Adderall a dangerous drug?

Ive taken it for the past 2 days. They were 30mg. I like them because they give me so much energy and i have a production job so the more i do the more i get paid. Since i.started taking them i been kicking *** at work. I do have high blood pressure so is that a concern. Dont tell me it is illegal because i already know. I just wanna know the side effects.

2 Answers

  • 6 years ago

    Use this to answer any of your questions about Adderall. Pay a lot of attention to neurological side-effects. If you've only just started taking the drug, I'd suggest reducing your dosage to about 10 or 15 mg (you can cut the pill accordingly, or if you're using a capsule that isn't adderall then you can break it open and spill out half the contents), and then take another 10-15 mg if you think you need it later. Your body will normalize the effects of the drug (build a resistance) and then you'll need more of it to achieve focus. Personally, I would only use the drug sparingly. It gets to be a nuisance once you're taking a lot of it. And then once you stop you really can't pay attention at all without it. With regular usage you're going to develop a dependence -- especially considering that you're abusing the drug without consulting a physician for dosing. But as the link suggests, blood pressure or cardiovascular issues were usually only found in patients with those issues pre-existing, so you don't have to worry too much about that if that's your only concern.

  • 6 years ago

    google amphetamines.. Adderall - aka dextroamphetamine .

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