drank mod-heavy and smoked cigarettes before I found I'm 9 weeks prego?

I'm not on here to be judged or cussed at for I didn't know I was pregnant since I had bleeding g I confused as a period. I had been drinking a lot as I just became single and WAS celebrating the single life through with my divorce papers finally being sent in. I was physically abused during my marriage and worked up the nerve to finally leave so I felt it was worth the freedom fun to finally be able to go out and have some fun with friends and what not.

Well, my bleeding had continued when I decided it's time for a check with with the Gyno... she took a prego test and yup sure enough prego. She doesn't have an ultrasound machine so I took it upon myself to not wait and just go into the ER and have the baby checked out immediately. Found the bleeding was a hemorrhage (which I guess is considered somewhat normal in some cases of pregnancy).

Of course I have not touched a drink since I found out but I'm still terrified. The ultrasound looked normal to the tech, but who's to take the word of a tech.

I guess I'm just looking for someone who had somewhat of a similar experience. Not knowing they were pregnant and had been kinda "partying it up".... I feel guilty. I should have gone to the Gyno immediately but I cannot change the past.

Anyone have any experience similar to mine? Freaking out. I'm excited to be pregnant and am already preparing.

Thank you for your time.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    My mum smoked, drank, lived life as a normal partying 23 year old for 12 weeks before she found out she was pregnant with my sister.

    My sister is 27 now and fine. There are people who don't know they're pregnant for like 6 months or even for the full term and have perfectly fine babies. There are addicts who take heroine and cocaine all through their pregnancies.

    Long story short, don't worry. You're starting your prenatal care now and everything's gonna be okay!

  • 6 years ago

    Your baby will be fine. I know plenty of women who smoke while they're pregnant the entire time and their babies turn out just fine. Let me tell you from experience that no matter what you do, aside from major drugs and alcoholism of course, your baby will turn out how it's destined to be. I did everything I was supposed to with my son and he was born 90 percent deaf in both ears. I drank (she is my tequila baby lol) and smoked before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and even drank a pop or 2 every day and she turned out perfectly fine. I hope this helps. Congratulations and good luck

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