RE4 Knife only?

What can and cannot be knifed to kill?

Im not even sure the knife is used for more then

Stabbing those who are down

Breaking box's

Deflecting projectiles

Since in resident evil 1 there is no advice or videos on the entire internet of anyone EVER killing a dog without taking damage right after

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  • 5 years ago
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    The only thing that cannot be killed in RE4 with the knife is the boss at the end of Chapter 4. There is no way to get over to him to be able to slash him, so the entire fight has to be done at range. The final Boss of the game might have to be finished off with the special rocket launcher (not sure on this one), but you can use the knife to get to the point that the game gives it to you.

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  • 5 years ago

    The knife deals damage, just not very much. If you can reach it with the knife, you can hit it. Dogs, chainsaw guys, and bosses are probably not good choices for the knife.

    It's actually not possible to do a knife-only run without glitches though, as a couple of enemies can't be hit with the knife, namely at least one of the bosses.

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