Phil Collins in the air tonight?

What movie does this song play on

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  • Tbone
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    6 years ago
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    Many! I remember it from Risky business.But according to Wikipedia, here is the whole list:

    The song has been licensed repeatedly for use in television advertisements for various products; in several cases these uses led to a measurable resurgence in popularity for the song.[citation needed]

    The song was used in the train sequence of the 1983 film Risky Business and appeared on the soundtrack album.

    In 1984 the song's popularity increased after it was featured in the pilot episode of the American television show Miami Vice ("Brother's Keeper"), one of the first pop/rock songs to be featured as part of a TV program in this manner. Its use in that scene was "a moment that first signaled to audiences and critics that Miami Vice had something to offer that few other TV programs on the air in 1984 could match", The A.V. Club wrote in 2012.[10] It subsequently grew popular again, "bubbling under" the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 102 in late 1984 and appeared on the television soundtrack album released in 1985.[11] On the heels of this successful merging of media, Collins became associated with the show; other Collins tracks including "Take Me Home" were later featured, and Collins himself also acted in an episode, "Phil the Shill".

    The song gained additional life in 1986 when the brewer Anheuser-Busch adopted it for an ad campaign promoting Michelob beer, along with night-related songs by Collins' peers Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton.

    In 1995, NBC used it to promote NBA on NBC with the return of Michael Jordan to the Chicago Bulls, shown in a slow-motion breakaway slam dunk in the ad.

    The song was used in the 1999 animated Tarzan film.

    In 2006, it was used by Mountain Dew in television commercials for its MDX energy drink, and sung in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories during Phil Collins' cameo appearance in a mission named after the title of the song itself. Also in Vice City Stories, the player is able to purchase a concert ticket to see Collins perform the song.

    Also in 2006, the Family Guy episode Petergeist makes an explicit reference to the song when Stewie sings part of it through TV static while being trapped in the spirit world.[12]

    Cadbury used the song in their 2007 Gorilla advertising campaign for its Dairy Milk chocolate bar. The commercial features a gorilla playing the piece's famous drum sequence. After its premier week in September, the song reached No. 14 on the UK singles chart and No. 9 on the UK Download Chart. The advertisement also helped the song re-enter the New Zealand RIANZ Singles Chart at No. 3 in July 2008 and went to No. 1 the following week staying there for two weeks, beating its original 1981 No. 6 peak. The single was also certified Platinum with sales of over 15,000 copies.[13] This advert was so popular, it won the awards for the Best Ad of the Year, at New Zealands Fair-Go Ad Awards. It was also subsequently parodied in a spoof ad by Wonderbra.[14]

    The song was used in the films The Hangover and The Hangover Part III.

    The song was used in the film The New Guy.

    The song was featured on the 2011 FOX animated series Allen Gregory.

    In 2013, a cover version of the song was used in the launch trailer of the video game Dead Space 3, but its production information has not yet been revealed.

    Recently, the song is featured in the video game NBA 2K14

    The song was performed by Rough Copy as part of The X Factor '80s week in October 2013.[15]

    In 2013 the song served as the dramatic backdrop for a dialogue-free scene in the pilot of The Americans.[16]

    In 2014, the song was used in TV trailers promoting the movie version of the book by V.C Andrews, Petals On The Wind. However, it was a cover version by Kelly Sweet.

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  • woodi
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    6 years ago

    Tarzan and The Hangover are probably the top 2. Also was in Risky Business and The New Guy.

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  • James
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    6 years ago

    Like Tbone said, it's been in a lot of movies, but my most recent memory of it is from Hangover - the scene with Mike Tython.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The hangover

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  • 6 years ago

    american psycho

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