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Did i break my big toe?

I was at gymnastics yesterday working on roundoff two back handsprings when landing the first one i landed on my left biggest toe. In the car i was in pain almost to the point of crying and then when i got home i couldnt walk at all. Today i cant walk again. My toe is red, and fairly swollen. The least bit of pressure cannot be put on the toe. It does not move on its own either. It is impossible to put on a shoe or socks. Even when i dont have pressure on it of any sort it still throbs with pain.

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    Sounds like a fracture or a broken bone. See a doctor as soon as possible. If you don't, it will still heal in a matter of weeks, but it might not be like the same as before, or even deformed (if you broke it) (e.g. my wrist had a minor fracture and I just let it heal naturally, now whenever I bend my wrist, it makes a clicking noise. Not a big deal but...) Oh yea, meanwhile, put some ice wrapped in a towel to reduce the swelling, babe. Take care.

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