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What are some questions to draw from the article on gene manipulation in plants below?

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    Gene manipulation of plants has been going on for thousands of years. Why is there so much concern about it now?

    If the product has been genetically modified to be a better product, why are people so against it?

    Should the government regulate some kind of GM labeling system for consumers?

    What countries actively develop, use, and sell GM plants? What countries have put bans on GM plants and plant products?

    If plants can be genetically modified to be insect resistant, isn't that better overall for the consumer and environment because harmful insecticides are not being used?

    If a plant is genetically modified to be drought resistant, wouldn't that be an effective way to limit the human demand on fresh water?

    Ethically speaking, simple because we CAN change the genetic structure of a plant, does that mean we should?

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