Annyeong!! Can a kind Kpop fan help me please? :D ^-^?

Hello!! So my guitar teacher told me that I could choose a song I'd like to sing along when I play guitar and that he'd teach it to me! He agreed that I pick a Kpop song, but he don't want a rap part in it. Almost all my favourite songs have a rap part

ㅠ^ㅠ So I was just wondering, which Kpop song WITHOUT rap part I could sing ?^^

By the way, I like boysbands the most!!! I'm not really into girlsbands but If you know have an idea of sung by girls please say it anyway ^^ Just tell me EVERYTHING that come to your mind! ^-^


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  • 5 years ago
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    All my heart - Kim Kwang-jin

    Jo Sung Mo - Immortal Love

    Hans Band - I Love You, Teacher

    Seo Taeji - Take Five

    Panic - The Sea In My Old Drawer

    • Maëlle5 years agoReport

      Wooow many songs thanks *O* !! ^.^ ♡.♡ You saved me dear!!! ^-^😱😍 Thanks !!!

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  • 5 years ago

    I'm Korean and my sister plays this song over and over and over... It's called Apink - Nonono. It's super catchy shockingly, I find myself to like it to the point I sing it. Hope you like it. If not, try looking into groups like 2am,

    • Maëlle5 years agoReport

      Omg thanks for your help *.* !! l'll write down the names in the notebook I have to give to my teacher and I'll listen to them!! :D

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