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Should I let my son ride the bus?

Since my husband and I moved, my son will be transferring schools which has a bus route. He in 1st grade and he's never ridden the bus before. Neither my husband, nor I am able to pick him up directly after school because we both work. As of right now, the bus is the only option, but maybe I could arrange something else. I'm afraid he might not know which stop is his or what his bus number is.

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    The school could have a tag for him to wear showing what bus he would need to ride. They do this at quite a few schools. The bus driver will have a list of what children are supposed to get off at what stops. Also if they let a child get off at a stop they are not supposed to they can be taken off the job as this could be considered child endangerment. So it is ok to allow him to ride the bus.Also if there is no parent to meet him at the bus stop then the bus driver can not legally let him off the bus, that's the law in quite a few states.

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    I remember when I was in kindergarden-5th rgade I was super jealous of all the bus riders because they would always tell me they make so many friends and its fun. But have a family member or a close family friend pick them up from school or the bus stop. You can have a code work each week that only your son and the person picking you up know. Make sure your son knows if the word isnt right to not go with the man. Thats what all my moms friends would do since they were also very busy..

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    Well if you are worried that he may be confused then you could call the school and check what bus he has to get on. He can also check with an adult watching the departing children what bus he goes on. Maybe before he leaves he can also check with the office and let them check what bus he can go on. either way don't be wo- wait, never mind you can be worried because he is your child and I am not a mother, I am a mere 6th grader. I do not know the worries of a real mother, nor do i know the love of a real mother. He should be able to get help :) have hope.

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    Well it is scary to leave your kid on the bus at first. I remember my first day i was crying. What you can do is let him go in the bus then drive to the school and show him how he will find the bus. After a week or so he should be fine. If you have another option i wouldnt leave my 1st grader go through transfer buses. It might be a little dangerous.

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    He should just sit in the front and tell the bus driver his address and he can give him the closes stop. I rode the bus my entire life as a kid.

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