What is your opinion on President Barack Obama's Legal Immigration Reform news lately? What is your opinion on Illegal Immigrants?

Lastly, do you feel that the Republican Party member's anger or frustration towards President Barack Obama's decision on the Legal Immigration Reform is valid? For each question, explain to me in depth about your views on the matter. :-)

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  • 5 years ago
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    Immigration reform is just one of several controversial issues the Republicans have handed Obama on a silver platter. All Obama has to do is take the popular side of an issue and you can bet your rent the Republicans will quickly embrace the less popular side. The fact is, a goodly majority of Americans have supported the idea of immigration reform for a long time.

    In fact, of the last THREE Republican presidents, two of them did exactly what Obama is doing--de facto immigration reform through 'prosecutorial restraint', that is, ordering the Justice Dept. simply not to prosecute some illegals. Reagan did this and then got a law passed. GHW Bush did it all on his own. GW Bush WANTED to do it, TRIED to do it, but Republicans in Congress killed the deal.

    The Republicans' strategy for dealing with a Democratic president is total unwavering opposition. If Obama wants what the Republicans want, the Republicans insist they never wanted it. Because they won't cooperate with Obama for anything! I think this is a mistake, not just because they're not doing their job, but also in 2016 you're going to have Republican presidents who can't say anything bit "Well I hated Obama more than my opponent!" I mean Obama-hatred is not an agenda!

    For the record I don't think illegal immigration is anywhere near as big of a problem as the Republicans want to make it. For the last few years immigration to the US has been net zero. And something like 75 or 80% of Americans believe in the Dream Act, and the Republicans will make it a top priority as soon as we have a Republican president who can take credit for it.

  • 5 years ago

    I wish he'd gone even further, but something is better than nothing.

    As for the GOP, if ANY of them were even remotelly HUMAN, they'd have passed the kind of comprehensive immigration reform that most Americans want passed.

    Nothing about the GOP is valid. Nothing at all. Their hatred of America, the vast majority of Americans, and everything good knows no bounds.

    As for undocumented residents of the US, they're individuals. When we're not focuses on deporting everyone without papers, we can focus on figuing out who are actually criminals, and deal with them accordingly.

    So many of them are decent people who have fled bad situations, and, like the vast majority of humans, just want to live decent lives.

  • 5 years ago

    First 75% of Americans did not want amnesty first they want a secure border first.

    It is not only the republicans who have a valid reason to be angry all of America or the majority is angry.

    There are millions and millions of Asians waiting to get a legal visa to come here and they can't get a visa but the ones that came here illegally are allowed to stay. Is that fair HELL NO!

  • impeach the bastard, then a trial, convict, sentence, and then carry out the penelty for treason...... but right now.....throw the other criminals back where they came from

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