Is preSchool and preK programs mandatory for my son to be admitted to K G in public school?

My son is 3 and half, we live in Waltham , MA. The preschool and pre k programs at Waltham are too expensive. Can he still get admission to KG at public school at the age of 5 or it would be mandatory to send him to preschool and pre-K programs for him to be eligible for admission to public school KG? Can any one help me with the correct guidance ? We do take him to library, zoo, museums, he can identify colors, shapes, 1 - 10, A-Z, however does not read or write yet.



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    6 years ago
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    Preschool is not required to attend Kindergarten in any state in the USA.

    "" Does not does not read or write yet. "" - he is too young. These skills are taught in Kindergarten.

    You can start now with exposing him to plenty of print material and art / writing materials to encourage literacy. You can play phonics games that teach letter sounds.

    As for the library, zoo, museums -- all great places to teach a child. Check these places for preschool programs. That would be a great way to get social interaction and interaction with a diverse group of kids.

    Most of all HAVE FUN! Learning at this age can be done with games, songs, stories, drawing or writing, and even by play!

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    Source(s): Reading Lessons for Kids
  • Alex
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    6 years ago

    It is not required for children to go to Preschool and Pre-K programs. To get him ready for kindergarten you can do that all at home with teaching him to write and read. Also acclimating him with other children of his own age is very important so that he will adjust more easily to public school when he reaches age 5.

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    If you intend to show your child quickly how to see then Children Learning Reading from here will help you.

    Children Learning Reading is created by small classes, enough to carry the interest period of a small kid but is also efficient enough to instruct the kid to read — even at an extremely early age.

    This system relies around a principle named phonemes, which are (in very easy terms), the appears that make up phrases we use within our everyday language. This system attempts to teach your youngster to learn by first accumulating your child's ability to see and realize the phonemes that produce up everyday words. Once your son or daughter may try this then they've all the various tools they should start creating sense of new phrases, that will subsequently produce their reading abilities tougher and stronger.

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  • 6 years ago

    At most public schools where i live do not require pre-school. But you should call the school and just check to be sure

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