Do you think this intro is okay for a research paper in English class? Its supposed to be for a controversial topic.?

In the American West a war against the rights of American Culture is taking place. Unlike the civil war of the 1800s, this war is silent, ghostly, in comparison to wars throughout much of American and Global history. To outside viewers, this conflict is merely, money versus morals. We learn at an early age, one piece of a puzzle cannot tell you how an entire finished piece will pan out. The same idea goes for the Bureau of Land Management, Cattle Ranchers, Activists, American Citizens, and Wild horses. To look at those five groups, you see people doing their jobs, people who are trying to make a living, people who are trying to make the world a better place, people who are easily influenced, and the grand creatures who are stuck between these puzzle pieces, but one piece of missing; that is, Coexistence.

This is a real issue in America, the BLM is trying to destroy American icons due to greed and corruption.

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    I think you have a winner. You might consider including Native American culture and religion. The fight may be all about money versus morals, if morals include tradition, worth of the individual, the dignity of animals, the voice of the individual in government and abridgement of the Bill of Rights.

    Big undertaking. I commend you for going for it.

    • Thank you very much for your response, I agree I am going to be adding Native American culture and religion and how important these animals are in their world. I also will include other cultures and how they look at the horse. I want Americans to feel like they have a responsibility toward them.

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